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Carrington Brown – North Carolina Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Carrington Brown!Carrington Brown

I am a mom to an amazing 5 year old daughter and a wife to a great husband in North Carolina. I am also a mom to 3 fur babies…. 2 cats named Jeter and Cornelius and an English bulldog named Lexie.  Like all Disney travel agents I LOVE Disney.  This love started all the way back from my childhood when my parents took me all the way up until now when I get to take my own family.

I love the sights within the park, the food, the rides, the characters, the shows and most importantly the excitement on my daughters face when we visit.  It’s SO magical! I love that I feel like a kid every time I enter one of the parks or take a Disney vacation.  That feeling never gets old.  Have you been wanting to take a Disney vacation but not sure where or how to get started?  Let’s chat and let me help you get started.

I love to travel and have traveled quite a lot over my 38 years.  The one thing I love that Disney does is it gives you an adventure and allows you to travel at the same time if you desire to.  For instance, you can take one their amazing cruises to destinations all over the world, you can visit Disneyland in California or just head to Walt Disney World in Florida.  There is something for everyone and your guaranteed to have blast no matter what you choose.

I feel confident that I can help you plan your next Magical Disney Vacation.  I have been to all the Walt Disney World parks multiple times and have stayed at the resorts.  I have also been lucky enough to go on a Disney Cruise a couple years back.  I have also run the Princess Half Marathon and look forward to doing that again soon.  I can help with your dining options as well as picking what resort is best for your family and budget.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a Disney veteran let me help.  Just tell me what your perfect vacation looks like and I’ll  do the rest.  Give me a call or email and let’s chat.  My services are always FREE, so let’s start planning!

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