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Brittany Schneider – Wisconsin Disney Travel Planner

Heigh-Ho! My name is Brittany Schneider!Brittany Schneider Wisconsin Disney Travel Planner

I look forward to helping you plan your perfect Disney vacation. Whether this is your first Disney trip or you are an avid traveler, I can help you as little or as much as you would like. Best of all, my services are absolutely FREE. When I am not planning travels, I work as a home healthcare nurse designing individualized care plans to meet my participants’ needs. You can say I have some experience in the hospitality and care industries!

An avid Disney lover since the age of three, I reminisce about the days where Cinderella played on repeat until the actual VHS tape melted. In middle school, I grew close to a friend who graciously invited me to my first trip to Disney World during Christmas. Catching “Disney Fever” as a young adult, I traveled to Disneyland in California, taught Disney classes for my local Parks and Recreation Department, volunteered for park passes through Disney’s “Give a Day, Get a Day” promotion, and found a future husband who would share my love for The House of Mouse. Since having children in 2015, we have been traveling to Disney Parks from Wisconsin with our expanding family up to two times annually. Although I thrive on planning my own vacations, there is something special about sitting down with families and friends to share my expertise and recommendations supported by years of travels.

Families and friends count on me to plan their Disney vacations because I provide timely communication as well as well-organized and detailed itineraries equipped with photographs, personal testimonials, schedule spreadsheets, and up-to-date information. The customized plans I create are geared toward what’s best for that family and not what I would necessarily do myself. I listen to their wants and needs and accommodate as best I can. I am an extremely self-motivated and driven individual who thrives on organization and manages time to perfection. Outside of watching all-things-Disney in my spare time, I enjoy reading Disney blogs, news, and social media to stay up-to-date with what is new and ever-changing. As you  🎶“reach out and find” 🎶 what I can offer, I hope you can see my enthusiasm and diligence and allow this partnership to continue 🎶“Happily Ever After!” 🎶

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