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Nichole McKune – New York Disney Vacation Planner

Hi! My name is Nichole McKune!Nichole McKune

I live in Western New York with my husband and two of our seven children.  The other five have flown the coop leaving us nearly empty nesters!  So what do we do with all of our free time now that we aren’t juggling 7 kids and their hectic schedules?  Well, we vacation at Disney of course!

Disney is our #1 destination because we both love it and how it makes us feel!  I define Disney as a feeling rather than a place.  It’s a feeling I’ve been passionate about most of my life.  A passion I’ve passed on to my children. For our family Disney is a way of life; so much so that when I’m not at Disney I’m planning my next Disney trip, writing in my Disney notepad while drinking from my Disney mug that’s being lifted by my arm that’s full of Disney tattoos!

Why am I so passionate?  Because the minute you step foot in Disney you’re transformed to a place of pure joy and happiness.  Every care in the world is whisked away and you’re fully immersed in the magic & wonder that surrounds you. Disney has a way to make you feel like a kid again, reminds you to keep dreaming and shows you anything is possible.

My absolute favorite thing to do is to share this moment with everyone I can.  I believe everyone should get to feel this way if even for a moment and I will personally do everything I can to help you plan a vacation that will give you this feeling.

So let me use the wonder and adoration I’ve built through my own experiences to take the worry out of your planning and help you plan the most memory filled, unforgettable vacation at the most Magical Place on Earth!

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