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Katie Koepke – Missouri Disney Travel Planner

Hi! My name is Katie Koepke!Kathy Koepke

Thank you so much for considering me to help plan your Magical Disney Vacation!

I am a Missouri native living in the St. Louis area with my husband and two kiddos. My little family is held together by a lot of love, laughter, happiness, and Disney! My love of Disney began at a young age. I remember every Friday evening sitting down to watch the Magical World of Disney with my family and dreaming of the day when I would get to see Cinderella’s Castle. My family took that magical trip when I was 7 years old, and the magic I felt turning the corner and seeing Cinderella’s Castle was a core Disney memory that I will never forget. I have since visited Disney as an adult and a parent, and nothing can compare to that feeling of seeing Disney in your child’s eyes.

In 2020 we had prepared to take our very first Disney vacation as a family, but like everything else in the world, our lives were turned upside down due to the pandemic. We eventually got to take our first big Disney family vacation in 2021, and it was the most magical vacation we have ever taken. My daughter and I share the love of the movie Tangled, and sing “I see the Light” all the time. I, of course, have to sing the Flynn Rider part! When we finally got to hold the lantern together, it became a priceless memory.  We are that fun loving, crazy Disney family, and I could not be prouder! Disney is something my whole family is passionate about!

Kathy Koepke

I am so excited to be working at MikeyTravels as a Disney Travel Planner to help guests create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! Prior to becoming a Disney Travel Agent, I was an educator for ten years. One of my favorite parts about being an educator was building relationships with my students and their families. I am thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to help others plan their dream vacations, and build relationships along the way. One of my favorite parts about setting a date on a Disney destination trip is the planning and excitement leading up to the big day.

I am so excited to use my Disney knowledge to help you plan your dream Disney vacation that is tailored completely around the experiences you wish to have. It can be overwhelming and stressful, and I would love to take that stress of planning off your plate so you can think about the amazing trip waiting for you. From following Disney influencers on Instagram, to watching Disney Youtube channels, I am staying up to date on what’s occurring with Disney and Disney Destinations. I have become the go-to person for my family and friends when it comes to all things Disney, and I would love to be that person for you! The most amazing thing about Disney is that it is for everyone! From any age, to any budget, we will come up with a Disney Vacation that will go beyond your expectations.

Kathy Koepke

My family has made so many priceless memories at Disney, I cannot wait to help others experience the same magic. Remember that my services are completely FREE to you, and I will put the same time, care, detail, and love into making your Disney destination trip the best vacation imaginable. I cannot wait to work with you on planning your perfect Disney destination!

“If  you can dream it, you can do it.” ~ Walt Disney 

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