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Packing for an Infant Traveling to Disney World

January 9, 2014

I recently took my son to Disney World at the age of 7 months. I learned so much about all aspects of taking a child to Disney and would love to share some of my packing tips!

Packing for Disney Vacation
Getting there besides all the normal baby essentials in the diaper bag, I recommend the following:

  • Garbage bags- you can use these as an extra layer to place down on those germy changers in airports or on the road
  • Disposable bibs- easy and cheap, one less thing to clean
  • Baby food in plastic containers- easy and don’t have to worry about breakage
  • Disposable utensils- again easy
  • Nursing cover (if you nurse)
  • Binky- even if your child isn’t a huge binky fan the extra sucking eases the ear pain on a flight

Travel Agent

 For the room:

  • Packnplay sheet- Disney will provide you with a packnplay and also a sheet, but I like to use my own
  • Lysol- spray down the packnplay and if you are me, everything else
  • Large blanket- you know your little one will want to explore, place it on the floor to keep them off the carpet
  • Bedtime books- reading a few familiar stories at night helps in a new place

Disney travel agent

At the parks:

  • Items from the “getting there” list
  • Reclining umbrella stroller- we had the chicco echo. You will want an easy to fold stroller for the buses, but will also want the recline option for naps at the park.
  • Toys that attach to stroller- this was a LIFESAVER! Keep your child entertained in the stroller or high chair without them throwing the toys on the ground/floor
  • Hat/sunscreen it is Florida!
  • Clothes that can layer- the air conditioning can get chilly and depending on the season you may go from shorts to a jacket in the same day
  • Autograph book with slots for pictures- even at 7 months my son loved the characters and even playing with the book at the character dinners
  • Camera- many use their phones, but this will kill your battery and you may miss something! I always bring a camera in addition to my phone

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Make it a magical day!

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Disney World Character Dining

March 2, 2012

One of the most exciting aspects of a Disney World vacation—especially for little ones — is meeting the Disney characters in person!  There is just something about giving Mickey a high five or getting a hug from Cinderella to make kids of all ages smile from ear to ear!  There’s not much better than Disney World Character Dining!

You can find characters throughout the parks and in the parades, but if you want up close personal time without waiting in the many individual lines, Disney World character dining a great way to meet some of the beloved friends!

Meet Mickey and Cinderella at Disney

Character meals occur at several restaurants in all four theme parks and in some of the hotels.  Generally, you are seated at your table and you eat at your own pace.  During the course of the meal, the characters featured at that particular meal will rotate around the tables, greeting each table and posing for pictures, signing autographs and interacting with guests.  Be sure to bring along a camera and an autograph book.

Disney with Toddlers: Magical Memories Minus the Meltdowns

February 16, 2012

Traveling to Disney with Toddlers

So many people have told me, “I would love to go to Disney, but we are waiting for the kids to get a bit older”.  My reply is often “Disney is perfect for all ages, especially our little ones!’.  However, I totally understand the concern of traveling to Disney with toddlers, the fear, the worry, anxieties about crowds, heat, lines, and of course the dreaded meltdown.  If you plan things correctly, you can have a wonderfully magical trip, minus the meltdowns.  I am confident saying this because I have a 4 ½ year old headstrong Princess and a 2 ½ year old rambunctious Prince, and we have enjoyed Disney with great success, and minimal meltdowns.

Disney with the kids

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