Pastore Family, Edison, NJ

June 7, 2021 by MickeyTravels
It was the first time our family decided to go to Disney, we did so at a particular time as Christmas is the busiest period of the year to visit. We did not have very much experience and since Sarah Berson came highly recommended by a friend, we trusted her in organizing everything for us. Before leaving she asked detailed questions to make sure whatever choices she made for us, they were in line with our expectations. We definitely had a pleasant experience with her support before leaving as we felt we knew exactly what to do and to expect, but it was only when we arrived at Disney on the very first day that we fully appreciated and understood how important her support was, as everything went very smooth!! (we just had to concentrate on having the most fun) During the stay she also made sure everything was going well.  For us parents, it was great to spend quality time with our 2 daughters and we also enjoyed ourselves (hopefully we will be able to do it again soon).
We highly recommend Sarah Berson, she is extremely professional, very supportive and super organized.

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