Karinda D, Eugene, Oregon

June 27, 2021 by MickeyTravels

Warning, this will be long and I could go on and on because Andrea really is amazing! If you are thinking of planning a Disney trip, it’s something you should consider. I hope we never have to plan a trip without her again! This was by far the best Disney trip we have been on and it’s especially due to Andrea! We knew this trip we wanted to try new things, not miss out on things we didn’t know about, and get the most out of our time there. Andrea made sure we knew about all of the things that we were interested in and pointed us in the right direction to the best things to do with our family. When we started planning it was about February and we knew we wanted to go in April/Mayish. We had no clue on dates, where we wanted to stay, and at one point we even considered a split stay with about a week in Disney and a week staying at Universal. She laid out every option we could think until we picked the best one for us!

We live on the West Coast, so having Andrea to help with our dining reservations was a life saver. It would have meant getting up at 3 am our time to get these reservations and some are beyond difficult to get. It honestly probably wouldn’t have happened without her. We got to eat at so many new places and a few will be ones we do every trip so we are so glad she pointed them out and got them for us!
Right before our trip she mailed us a box with some “pixie dust” for the trip which got the excitement started a few weeks before we left. The trip was so fun and relaxing because Andrea had everything planned out for us. We didn’t have to do much work to get there and when we got there it was just all ready to go for us to start having fun. Andrea made the entire process so much fun, stress free, and she worked tirelessly to make our family vacation the best possible. We always felt like she was just a text away (literally!) and she even helped my husband plan a Mother’s Day surprise for me for when we got there. She even texted us throughout the trip to update us on changes currently happening at the Disney parks.
If you are wanting someone who is super friendly and is also fun to plan a trip with, you are in good hands with Andrea! She is the best!

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