Breaking News! Source confirms plans to replace the historic Epcot attraction, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, with a revitalized version titled, Dr. Phil’s Energy Adventure.

All good things must come to an end.  Ellen’s Energy Adventure, housed within the Universe of Energy pavilion on the eastern half of Future World, will soon undergo major refurbishments.

After an impressive 20+ year run, anonymous sources have confirmed that fan-favorite, Ellen DeGeneres will be replaced in this famous attraction with larger than life TV personality, Dr. Phil.  As such, the revamped attraction, which takes visitors (via Ellen’s dream) on a journey through time to learn about the various forms of energy, will aptly be called Dr. Phil’s Energy Adventure. has also learned that in addition to the replacement of DeGeneres with Dr. Phil, there are other significant changes planned, which Disney hopes will revive this long-running attraction.  One such noteworthy change is that Jamie Lee Curtis is also out, while Steve Harvey is in.

Curtis famously portrayed Dr. Judy Peterson in this popular attraction.  Dr. Peterson, who Ellen affectionately refers to as “Stupid Judy”, was Ellen’s former college roommate and worthy opponent in the Jeopardy portion of Ellen’s dream.

An anonymous source has also confirmed that comedian and popular TV host Steve Harvey will portray a role similar to Jamie Lee Curtis’ character.  Harvey’s character will be Dr. Phil’s former college roommate and his Jeopardy opponent in Ellen’s dream.  As such, we’ve also confirmed that Dr. Phil will refer to Harvey as “Stupid Steve” throughout the attraction.

Another change coming…

In addition, has learned that funnyman Will Ferrell will replace Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy during Ellen’s dream.  Ferrell has portrayed Trebek countless times on SNL, so this new role for him is a natural fit.

“Because of his uncanny ability to impersonate Trebek, people often confuse Ferrell for Trebek and vice versa.  Fans identify very well with Ferrell and this role as Trebek is something we’re very excited about”, stated a source inside

One constant remains…

While there’s a clear overhaul to this attraction, loyal fans will be excited to learn that Bill Nye the Science Guy will remain in his current role playing himself.

“We certainly understand changes are necessary to bring some life back to this attraction, but we’re wise enough to recognize that Bill Nye the Science Guy is irreplaceable.  He’s a cultural icon and there’s only one Science Guy”, a source inside stated.

Rumors had persisted for several months that the Universe of Energy pavilion and Ellen’s Energy Adventure could possibly be replaced with a Guardians of the Galaxy rollercoaster.  The newly released information regarding the refurbished Dr. Phil’s Energy Adventure attraction should squash that talk.

Want to visit Dr Phil’s Energy Adventure?

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