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Anamarie Jones – PA Disney Travel Agent

Hi my name is Anamarie Jones! 

Anamarie Jones - Disney Travel Agent PA

I am an experienced professional in the hospitality and tourism industry with both a bachelors and masters degree.  My background also includes working for the mouse himself at one point in my career.  I am currently located in Delaware County, PA with my husband and 3 children.  We love to travel and of course Disney is one of our most favorite places on earth!

My first “magical” Disney experience I can remember was in the early 80’s when I was taken to the movie theater to see Cinderella on the big screen.  It was my first movie in the theater and I thought it was the best thing ever!  Right then and there I was hooked.  My first trip to Disney World came later, when my mom and dad decided to “road trip it” with our friends and family!  It was a lot of fun and we always had a great time!  Back then the Disney Cruise Line was not around yet, but there was something else called “The Big Red Boat” that was affiliated with Disney and we began to take our vacation with a few days at sea and then off to the parks for week!  It was fantastic!  Between my family trips as a child, then on to traveling with friends, my husband and children, I have visited Disney World well over 40 times in my life and I still I cannot wait to go back on our next trip!

Whether it is your first time to Disney or you have been there before, I am here to help you plan your most magical vacation!  Planning can take time, be stressful and sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to take care of all of that.  So I am here to do all of that for you.  I am here as your personal travel consultant to create the perfect vacation for you and your family.  We can cover everything together from hotel, dining, park tickets, activities and the list just goes on!

When you are ready to get started please contact me directly to create your Magical Disney Experience!  You will not be disappointed!

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