Tag: Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

August 3, 2012

On a peaceful evening lagoon, an exciting but ”perilous journey” awaits to haunt you back into the past.  Into the past where you are taken to swashbuckling adventures.  Welcome to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! The good old pirates greet you into this world to learn about their mayhem adventures on finding buried treasure.  If you remember the previous article on Disney’s Electrical Water Pageant...

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The Pirates League at Disney

May 29, 2012

Arrrrrgh! Thinking of transforming into a swashbuckling new pirate recruit or beautiful mermaid?  Then, a Pirate’s life really is for you!  This amazing experience at Disney is fun for all Pirates age 3 and up.  (Yes, that means you too, Mom and Dad!) You can join Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney and his trusty mates at “The Pirates League,” located in the Adventure Land region of...

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Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

March 15, 2012

Disney World Orlando, FL– If you are planning a trip to Disney World a must see attraction is the Pirate of the Caribbean ride.  It is an amazing boat ride attraction that would take you through the town where the pirates are stealing and counting their loot. There is so much to see in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Even as you wait in to...

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