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Animator’s Palate Restaurant

February 5, 2014

Are you entertaining the idea of a Disney Cruise? Are you not sure about the restaurant selections available to you?  Aboard the Disney Cruise Line Fleets there are some wonderful options. Animator’s Palate is a fantastic dinner option while aboard the cruise ship. While each fleet of ships has a different interior design, the menu and atmosphere is still the same.

Disney cruise

Electric Umbrella in Epcot

January 30, 2014

You’re in Epcot and it’s time for lunch or dinner.  Where do you go?!  Stop in for a quick meal at the Electric Umbrella for a famous meatball sub, you won’t be disappointed.

Electric Umbrella

The Electric Umbrella is located in Future World of Epcot, to the right of the main entrance to the park before entering World Showcase. This quick service restaurant is futuristic but casual making it the perfect place to relax for a meal before getting back to a day of fun!

Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney

March 21, 2013

I have to admit that it is hard for me to get excited about quick service meals at Disney. I think I had just spent too many years as a child having to eat the typical hamburgers and fries while at the parks.

Admittedly Disney has offered more varied quick service choices for years now. My mind just gets stuck (seriously, I had SO many burgers). But if any quick service restaurant on Disney property was going shake me of my past, it was Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney.

Wolfgang Puck is well known for many things, including preparing the post-Oscar meal for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities for the last 19 years. So it was a pretty safe bet that I could expect something beyond the ordinary.

It was a busy day at Downtown Disney so I was pleasantly surprised that the wait at Wolfgang Puck Express was not very long. The restaurant had a contemporary yet relaxed atmosphere. It was a great place to regroup after a busy day.

I was immediately drawn to the variety of pizzas cooked in a wood stone oven. I decided on the four cheese pesto pizza and ordered the crème brulee for dessert. I was with two friends, and they ordered the spicy chicken pizza and pennette chicken alfredo, with the vanilla bean cheesecake and a brownie for dessert.

pizza at Disney

I must point out here that at least two of us were greatly tempted to order the bacon wrapped  meatloaf. It looked fantastic! However, we were concerned that it would be too filling for lunch, especially considering we had dinner reservations four hours later. The rotisserie chicken was also considered, as it is often considered one of the best quick service values for those on the Disney Dining Plan.

We ordered our food at the counter. Then we filled up our soft drinks and found a table.

While we were waiting for our food to be brought out, a Cast Member came over and let us know that he would be taking care of us. I figured that meant he would clear our plates as needed. But he also refilled our drinks and made sure our food was ok too. In fact, at one point I got up to refill my drink (as the drink station was set up like a fast food restaurant, I had assumed that was the procedure) and when he saw what I was doing he apologized profusely for not doing it for me. He couldn’t have been more pleasant!

Our food came out quicker than a table service meal, but was on the slower side for a quick service meal. But the pizza fresh out of the wood stone oven was worth the slight wait! The crust was perfect and the flavor of the pesto was fantastic paired with the fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. Sun dried tomatoes added to the full flavor.


I also sampled my friends’ choices. The spicy chicken pizza had a slight kick and was very good. The pennette chicken alfredo also had a nice flavor and was very filling.

Wolfgang Puck

The crème brulee was really great too. It was served colder than I was used to, but the top was nicely caramelized and had a nice soft crunch.

My friends reported that the cheesecake was very good too. The one disappointment was the brownie, which had been prepackaged and was not as fresh as the other desserts we had ordered.

Wolfgang Puck Express Disney

As there are several other menu items I would like to try, I will definitely be dining at Wolfgang Puck Express on a future visit, and I look forward to bringing my kids with me so they can try the kids’ pizzas and pastas.

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