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Ohana at Disney

August 23, 2012

Disney dining optionAloha, E Komo Mai!  Welcome to  ‘Ohana, my favorite table service restaurant at Walt Disney World.   A family style restaurant which offers an “all you can eat” dining option, ‘Ohana is the perfect location for a family gathering with delicious food and an amusing atmosphere.

‘Ohana is located on the second floor of the gorgeous Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World.   It is a very convenient monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom.

For breakfast you are joined by Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch.  Before you are seated for your meal, you can take a family picture with your leis that are provided upon checking in.  On the way to your table, the waiter will pick up a basket of homemade pastries for you.   The pineapple bread is amazing.  Once you are seated, you will be served scrambled eggs, friend potatoes, sausage, bacon, fruit, juice and the infamous Mickey waffles.  Your children will have an opportunity to hula dance around the room in a kanga line to “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride,” the theme song from Lilo and Stitch.  All the characters come by to visit at ‘Ohana, so make sure to have your camera ready.

Coronado Springs Resort at Disney

August 22, 2012

Inspired by the explorer who searched for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold, Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort celebrates the character and traditions of the American Southwest and northern Mexico.  Coronado Springs Resort is a large sprawling resort and it is also the only Moderate Resort to be used as a convention resort .You will see guests walking around in business suits and ties, but most of the time they have on polo shirts with khakis.  Surrounded by Lago Dorado (Lake of Gold); the resort is divided into three “villages”.  The Casitas, The Ranchos; and The Cabanas. All of the rooms here have 2 queen beds or 1 king bed.  Dark Mahogany finishes, private vanity area, flat panel TV’s and mini refrigerators.

Lago Dorado

The Casita village is set among colorful plazas, fountains and palm-shaded courtyards. The casitas (translation: Little Houses) resemble three and four story buildings in a village setting. This area was themed after urban areas of the American Southwestern and Mexico. The casitas are home to many of the convention accommodations.  This area is closest to the main lobby and dining areas.

American Southwestern and Mexico

The Ranchos have a more rustic, rural flavor to them. These two and three story villas are themed after the dry, rural desert ranchland regions of the Southwest United States. This area comes complete with an Arroyo (translation: a small stream that tumbles over a rocky streambed).

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Activities

August 7, 2012

Our trip to Disney’s Hilton Head Island in South Carolina was billed as a low key vacation. We thought we’d have lots of time to sit by the pool and walk on the beach. What we didn’t realize is how much the recreation staff at the resort had planned for every day. Just like any other Disney vacation, there was always lots going on and we could pick and choose the things that appealed to us. In the middle of the week, during an incredible pirate pool party, my husband turned to me and said “this place is like summer camp on steroids.” I find that an apt description.

When you first check-in, you will receive an activities calendar for your stay. Each day, there are different activities that appeal to a variety of ages. My mother and mother-in-law spent hours attending events with the resort’s naturalist. They were able to learn about the loggerhead sea turtle, go on a bird watching tour and take a 3-hour hike around a nearby island. As a family, we also took a walking tour of the marsh (a must-do just for the fun boots everyone gets to wear) and made a shark tooth necklace with the naturalist.

There are tons of crafts that happen throughout the week. Both of my boys decided to make a Mickey tie-dye t-shirt and my oldest son made a lanyard and button, but otherwise, they couldn’t be pulled out of the pool for other craft options. I wanted to make a vacation pillow, but ran out of time.

pirate party

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