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Disney’s Electrical Water Pageant

August 15, 2012

Every night just on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, a spectacle comes on to delight the guests who may not be at the parks during that time.  Disney’s Electrical Water Pageant Light Show illuminates the lake as guests watch from the distance.  This water show is very similar to the famous Main Street Electrical Parade because of its colorful lighting style.  Tiny colorful lights reveal animals and characters such as King Neptune.

Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake

Just a couple of the animals that are part of Disney’s Electrical Water Pageant are jumping fish and a smiling octopus that glows bright red.  Now, if Captain Hook were to find himself on this lake with his ship or even just standing from the distance, he better run because Croc is here!  The crocodile illuminates to a bright green and opens his mouth ready for any prey to land into his stomach including the Captain!  Like they say, ”never smile at a crocodile”!

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Activities

August 7, 2012

Our trip to Disney’s Hilton Head Island in South Carolina was billed as a low key vacation. We thought we’d have lots of time to sit by the pool and walk on the beach. What we didn’t realize is how much the recreation staff at the resort had planned for every day. Just like any other Disney vacation, there was always lots going on and we could pick and choose the things that appealed to us. In the middle of the week, during an incredible pirate pool party, my husband turned to me and said “this place is like summer camp on steroids.” I find that an apt description.

When you first check-in, you will receive an activities calendar for your stay. Each day, there are different activities that appeal to a variety of ages. My mother and mother-in-law spent hours attending events with the resort’s naturalist. They were able to learn about the loggerhead sea turtle, go on a bird watching tour and take a 3-hour hike around a nearby island. As a family, we also took a walking tour of the marsh (a must-do just for the fun boots everyone gets to wear) and made a shark tooth necklace with the naturalist.

There are tons of crafts that happen throughout the week. Both of my boys decided to make a Mickey tie-dye t-shirt and my oldest son made a lanyard and button, but otherwise, they couldn’t be pulled out of the pool for other craft options. I wanted to make a vacation pillow, but ran out of time.

pirate party

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

August 2, 2012

Want to make a visit to the far reaches of the African savannah while still being on the east coast without having to take a long flight?  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge takes you on the African safari that rivals Adventure Land.  In this case, however, the Animal Kingdom Lodge does not have audio animatronic animals.  This hotel has brought you ”live” animals for you to experience the magic of being personally up and close to them.

animals at Disney

Put on that safari hat because you are now in Africa – at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!  This amazing hotel has become famous for having this special exhibit of encountering these beautiful animals.  From giraffes to zebras, animals of different species greet you in the morning as you drink your warm cup of coffee out on the balcony of your room.

Each hotel room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is styled to the African theme.  Woven baskets serve as the ”portraits” on the walls; colorful patterns are sewn onto bed sheets and chairs.  From noticing your room, you will see that brown plays a dominant role in color since many items such as the headboards and tables are in that color.  The attention to African art in detail is amazing which makes craftsmanship a unique trait.

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