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Why Disney is the perfect “first vacation”

May 1, 2014

I think my OB said it perfectly, “once you have kids, you take trips not vacations”. All the parents out there know there is a lot more planning, gear, concerns, etc when traveling with children. Especially when it is their first vacation. Well in my sons first year, we went on both a Disney vacation and a beach vacation. We were shocked how much easier...

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The Right Stroller for Disney World Vacations

April 30, 2014

There are strollers available to rent on Disney property, but I recommend bringing your own to save money and to have it the entire trip. If you fly, you will want to have it at the airport and most airlines allow you to check it at the gate for FREE. You will also love having it to walk around the resorts as Disney World rentals...

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Let Disney’s Magical Express make the journey hassle free

April 29, 2014

I think we can all probably agree that the absolute part about traveling is, well, the traveling! You just want reach your destination and enjoy start of a MAGICAL vacation. The car rental lines, the baggage claim and trying to navigate the airport are all road bumps in your journey…well, not when you stay on Disney property! Did you know that you when you stay at...

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